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What is ACT 2? (Click to open)

ACT 2 offers non-credit classes to people over 50 years old throughout Community Colleges of Spokane’s six county area. Whether you’re retired or preparing for retirement, find new and invigorating ways to stay informed, active and enriched. Our affordable classes are close to home, close to work.

What are the ACT 2 age requirements?(Click to open)

ACT 2 advertises to people over the age of 50. We design and offer classes that are of interest to baby boomers and senior citizens.

Children, and including minors under the age of 18, are not allowed in classes. Children may not attend classes with their parents/grandparents, etc.

How do I register? (Click to open)

We want to make it easy for you to sign up for all the ACT 2 classes you like. There are lots of ways to register – online, phone, mail, walk-in or fax.


Visit www.sccel.spokane.edu/ACT2 to find all our continuing education classes, register and pay any time day or night.


Call and use your Visa, MasterCard, or Discover for payment. Have your class item number, credit card number, expiration date, and student identification number (if you have one) handy. If you’re enrolling for the first time, we’ll assign you an identification number when you call.

509-279-6030 or Toll-free 1.800.845.3324

Mail or walk-in

Send or bring your registration form and payment to:

Spokane Community College, Magnuson Building
Noncredit registration, MS 3027
2917 W. Fort George Wright Drive, Spokane, WA 9922

Fall, winter and spring quarter office hours are 8 a.m. to 4 p.m.; summer hours are 7:30 to 5 p.m., Monday through Thursday, and 8 a.m. to noon Friday. We are closed on major holidays.

Spokane Community College
Noncredit registration, MS 2151
SCC Student Services Building, Bldg. 15
1810 N. Greene St., Spokane, WA 99217


Complete the noncredit registration form and include your Visa, MasterCard, or Discover number, expiration date, and signature on the form. Then, fax it to 509.279.6090.

Why do I have to pay parking fees in some places but not others? (Click to open)

Parking fees are required at Spokane Falls Community College, including the Magnuson Building, and Spokane Community College due to the laws regarding parking on community and technical college campus. However, the classes at these locations tend to have lower class fees because the college owns the buildings and do not have to cover a facility use fee.

Why do I need to sign up at least a week in advance of the class start date?(Click to open)

ACT 2 classes must meet a minimum number of students in each class to avoid cancellation of the class. In order to ensure that minimum number is met, students need to register at least a week before classes begin. Only those who are registered will be notified of any changes in class status. Registrations cannot be taken during class. Instructors cannot handle money or financial information at any time.

Can I take two of the same class in the same quarter? (Click to open)

If the classes are similar, but have different titles then yes, you can take them both at the same time.

You cannot, however, take two classes with the exact same title at the same time. The only exception to this is if they are short term classes whose dates do not overlap in any way.

How do I take advantage of the Senior Waiver?(Click to open)

In order to take classes, using the Senior Waiver, you:

  1. Must be 60 years old by the start of the intended quarter.
  2. Must be a Washington State resident.
  3. Can only “audit” the class or classes when you use the waiver. You will not receive credit or a grade.
  4. You must have a current application on file. If you are new you will need to pay the application fee.
  5. Must completely filled out add/drop form. On it you can put down your first and second choices.
  6. Cannot enroll yourself in a class to save a spot then drop later. If there is a spot open on the third day of the quarter you will be enrolled by the person who handles the waivers. (A signed overload slip by the instructor or an increase in class capacity to let you in is not permitted).
  7. Must let the instructor know you are trying to get in using the waiver. If the instructor gives you permission you can attend the first three days of the class, while you wait to be enrolled.
  8. Must still meet all prerequisites to enroll in the class.
  9. Can take one or two classes using the waiver, up to 10 credits total. If you want to take more than two classes, you will have to pay regular tuition for the other classes. You can be enrolled in waiver classes and then sign up for other credit classes in the same quarter.
  10. You pay $2.50 tuition per class when using the Senior Waiver. All registration fees, technology fees, class fees, books, parking, etc. are your responsibility to pay.

Call Spokane Community College at 509-533-7000 or Spokane Falls Community College at 509-533-3500 to start taking classes today.

How do I request an ACT 2 scholarship? (Click to open)

Please call the ACT 2 office 509-279-6027 to request an ACT 2 scholarship. The scholarship will cover $25 or half the price of the class, whichever is smaller. Each student has a maximum award of $25 per quarter. Scholarships are only available, as funds are available. ACT 2 does not provide scholarships for summer quarter.

How can I make a donation to the ACT 2 Scholarship Fund? (Click to open)

Call 509-279-6025 to get the details or make a check out to CCS Foundation and in the memo line designate ACT 2 Scholarship and mail to:

CCS Foundation
PO Box 6000, MS 1005
Spokane, WA 99217-6000

What is the difference between the ACT 2 scholarship and the Senior Waiver?(Click to open)

An ACT 2 scholarship will pay for part of the tuition/fees for an ACT 2 class. The Senior Waiver allows senior citizens to attend (audit for no credit) credit classes on our two campuses (Spokane Community College and Spokane Falls Community College) at minimal cost.

Will I receive a confirmation letter? (Click to open)

Possibly, but not always. The ACT 2 department sends out confirmation letters to students enrolled in technology classes, art classes, and any other class that requires a student to pay for parking, has had substantial date changes, or is located at a hard-to-find site. In most cases, students will not receive a confirmation letter. If you have questions about your classes, please call the ACT 2 office at 509-279-6027.

If you have an email address on file with us, you will receive a receipt with all of your class details (start and end dates, class time, location, etc.) included via email. If you don’t have an email on file with us, and you want a hard copy of your receipt please request one at the time of your transaction.

What if I didn’t receive my receipt via email? (Click to open)

  1. You do not have an email on file with us. Please call 509-279-6030 to have one added.
  2. The email we have on file for you is no longer valid. Please call 509-279-6030 to update your email address.

Where are ACT 2 classes held?(Click to open)

Everywhere, or at least it seems that way sometimes. ACT 2 offers classes in the greater Spokane area, as well as Colfax, Fairfield, Spangle, Deer Park, Medical Lake, Newport, Chewelah, Colville, Ione, and Republic. If you have questions about any of our class sites, please call the ACT 2 office at 509-279-6027.

How do I request accommodations for a disability? (Click to open)

Spokane Community College has support service programs and centers for students who have documented disabilities and who are “otherwise qualified” for community college programs (as defined by Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973 and the Americans with Disabilities Act). Services may include academic, vocational and rehabilitation counseling and assistance with admission and registration.

Academic accommodations and adjustments are available based upon individually determined needs and may include interpreters, assistive learning devices and technology, note takers, readers, scribes, materials and textbooks in alternate format, large print or Braille materials, priority registration, alternate testing, information and referral services. Other specialized services may be arranged on an individual basis.

To receive services, students are required to contact and provide documentation of their disability to the Disability Support Services (DSS) office at SCC 509-533-7169 or TTY 509-533-8610. All inquiries and requests for services are considered private.

What is the best way to pay for a class?(Click to open)

Registration fees must be received before you are officially registered. Only students who have registered and paid their fees are admitted to class.

VISA, MasterCard, and Discover are accepted. Personal checks not cleared by CheckRite will result in cancellation of your registration. Cash is not accepted at off-campus sites. Instructors are NOT allowed to handle money or registrations at any time. .

What happens if a class is canceled or my plans change and I can’t attend? (Click to open)

SCC reserves the right to cancel any ACT 2 class and may reduce class hours or cancel classes due to low enrollment. Fees will be refunded automatically. Some class enrollments are limited because of space and equipment.

If you register for a class and cannot attend, please call the appropriate office in advance to cancel. This makes it possible for another student to enroll.

Non-Credit Registration: 509-279-6030 / Toll-free 1-800-845-3324.

What is the withdrawal and refund policy? (Click to open)

Students are responsible for initiating the paperwork for withdrawal and refund requests. Please call registration ACT 2 at 509-279-6027 to start the withdrawal process. A $7 processing fee is deducted from the refund amount. All refunds require at least two weeks for processing. The following policies apply whether a student attends class or not:

State-support noncredit classes (which includes all ACT 2 classes)
The dates for 100 percent and 50 percent refunds are based on a proportionate relationship to the length of a standard quarter. In general, withdrawal needs to occur before the first class day or very early in the class session. Contact registration or ACT 2 for details.

Can I transfer from one class to another? (Click to open)

If you would prefer to transfer to a different class, rather than withdraw, please call the ACT 2 office at 509-279-6027. This transaction needs to occur before the first class day or very early in the class session. Students are responsible for paying any outstanding balance if the new class is more expensive than their previous class. If a refund is issued, a $7 processing fee is deducted from the refund amount.