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College Prep FAQs

1. Who can take College Prep?

Students with a GED or high school diploma and ESL students who have passed the SLEP test and have met the entrance requirements necessary for enrollment (determined during the enrollment meeting with a SCC counselor).
2. How do I enroll in College Prep?

Contact the Spokane Community College's Adult Education Center (509-533-4600) and make an appointment with an counselor. If you live in Colville, Newport, Pullman or Republic, contact our off-campus center to make your enrollment appointment.

Colville: 509-685-2120 | Newport: 509-447-3553 | Pullman: 509-332-2706 | Republic: 509-775-3675
3. Can I enroll throughout the quarter?

Yes, but the course fills up quickly, so it is best to enroll as soon as possible. Ask your counselor for exact dates.
4. Where is the class located?

Spokane Community College, 1810 N. Greene St., Spokane, WA 99217 and 
Spokane Falls Community College, 3410 W. Fort George Wright Dr., Spokane, WA 99224
5. How much is my tuition?

$25 (tuition assistance is available for qualifying students)
6. Is there a night or online program offered?

Although there is no College Prep course offered at night, you can take
College Prep Express which is the online version of the class.
7. What is the general course format?

This class goes the full length of the quarter and provides more review in English and math, along with computer skills, writing, research, and college success skills.