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Course description

This course has a lecture-style format, similar to that of an actual college class. Daily attendance and participation is expected.

Get crucial skills and information needed for college success. Course elements include the following:
  • Computer skills — Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, Internet basics, online college research skills, and some keyboarding. More advanced students are provided with extra work to build on their existing computer skills.
  • Introduction to ANGEL (online class software) — This prepares you to take an online college class!
  • Math (pre-algebra/algebra), reading, English, grammar review and writing skills review
  • Campus tours
  • Study skills and note taking
  • Time management
  • Learning styles and strategies
  • Communication skills (including public speaking)
  • College entry — info, resources and assistance with application, registration, testing and financial aid
  • Review and practice for placement testing
  • Career exploration and development
  • Guest speakers
  • Final writing assignment and oral presentation