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Student expectations

Daily attendance is expected. Although you cannot “fail” this class, you can miss out on important information, tours, speakers, etc. Students are responsible for making up missed assignments. Students who miss five consecutive days of class (unexcused) are automatically dropped.

Your participation is key to your success and is measured not only by attendance, but by actually engaging in classroom discussions, tours and other assigned activities. In college credit courses, your participation is worth a significant part of your grade.

Homework is a fact of life in higher education and College Prep provides students with the perfect opportunity to adapt to homework demands and the pressures of student time management. Students are given daily homework assignments, along with their due dates.

Visitor parking passes are given for the first three days of classes. Students are responsible for purchasing a parking permit for the rest of the quarter and parking in the proper student parking lots.

School supplies
College courses require that you bring your own notebook paper and writing utensils. If you’re not able to come up with these items, please let an instructor know.