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Get your GED®
GED® (general educational development) tests help individuals who did not graduate from high school earn a high school equivalency certificate.
Why is it important? Your GED® will open doors — to college, training programs, the military, better jobs and career advancement. It’s the first step to building a better future.
Approximately 800,000 people test for their GED® certificates in the U.S. each year. Tests are available in English, Spanish, French, and even Braille. They are also available in large print and audio cassette formats — and online! We can accommodate students with various disabilities as well.

Tuition for GED® prep classes is only $25 per quarter. The fee for GED® testing is $120 ($30 for each test). If cost is a concern, ask us about financial assistance.

Call one of the centers listed below to get started!
Spokane 509-533-4600
Colville 509-685-2120 or 1-800-276-8040
Newport 509-447-3835 or 1-888-323-2399
Pullman 509-332-2706 or 1-888-743-4767
Republic 509-775-3675 or 1-800-276-8040, ext. 5405

If you are ready to start GED® testing now, you can register online for testing appointments.
For appointments in Colville, Newport and Republic, call the centers at the phone numbers listed above.