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GED® testing
What is it?
GED® (general educational development) tests help individuals who did not graduate from high school earn a high school equivalency certificate.

Why is it important? Your GED® will open doors — to college, training programs, the military, better jobs and career advancement. It's the first step to building a better future.

Approximately 800,000 people test for their GED® certificates in the U.S. each year. Tests are available in English and Spanish.

Where do I go?
GED® tests are administered at:Magnuson Building, 2917 W. Fort George Wright Dr., Spokane

When is testing available?
Monday-Thursday 7:30 am - 5 pm
Friday 8:15 am - Noon

How does it work?
You may take one test at a time or up to four in a day.

How long is each test?
You will have the following lengths of time to complete each test:
  • Reasoning Through Language Arts - 155 minutes (2 hours, 35 minutes)
  • Math – 120 minutes (2 hours)
  • Science – 95 minutes (1 hour, 35 minutes)
  • Social Studies – 95 minutes (1 hour, 35 minutes)

How much does it cost?
The fee for the full battery of tests is $120 or $30 per test.

How do I sign up?
Go to GED.com, create an account and access the tools available.
Walk-ins are welcome.Register today!

Call 509-279-6200 for more information.