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What is Parent Co-op?
Parent Education/Parent Cooperative Preschools is a unique program that combines parent education for you, the parent, with rich learning experiences for your child. As a participant, you help shape the program to meet the interests and needs of your family. Children can be enrolled in an infant, toddler or preschooler class.

A facilitator is hired by the parents as a preschool teacher and by SCC as a parent education instructor. Facilitators provide guidance, support and resources to parents for planning classroom activities and coordinate parent education in topics selected by the group. The facilitator becomes a special adult in the lives of the children; one who has a reassuring word or a needed hug for them and works with the parents to provide fun, developmentally appropriate learning activities for them.

Our students want to be involved in their children's early education which sets the foundation for continued involvement throughout their children's educational experience!