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About The Computer Labs

Curriculum Information

The computer lab curriculum is open to all that are registered into any of the class offerings. Since the classes are deemed “open enrollment” self-paced classes, as a student you are encouraged to come into the lab whenever there is extra time, from 10 minutes to as long as you are able on your schedule. Students have their own 'My Documents > Student' folders and you can continue where you left off in any of the courses.

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General Information

The IEL computer labs are located at sites throughout the six-county region. In Spokane the main computer labs are the Magnuson Building, AEC (Adult Education Center) on 2310 N. Monroe St. and SCC on Greene and Mission, as well as several in smaller campuses scattered throughout the area.

Knowledgeable computer lab instructors are scheduled to be on duty during all lab hours so that all teachers and students have PC support.

GED students can use the lab for GED and PRE-GED, math classes, research, job search, resume building resources, as well as our computer lab website for GED schedules and Financial Aid links sources and research projects.

Reading Lab students can use the GED and Pre-GED Reading programs, internet sites and printing facilities.

All classes can utilize any of the programs including the PC basics, Office Computing, Keyboarding and 10 Key courses.

All students are also eligible for Job Search resources. A job counselor is available for each lab and the hours of the job service specialist are posted.

Benefits To Students

Because students are at different levels the classes are self paced the computer lab enables you to plug in at your own pace. Students work on the curriculum independently and can repeat the material as often as needed, or you can forge ahead.

Once the stigma of “computer intimidation” is overcome, there are no bounds to the progress that you can make. The computer lab enables you to learn new terminology, navigation techniques and general PC (personal computer) knowledge, and you will soon pick up what you need to know through hands on experience. The confidence that you will gain with your experience with computers empowers you with needed workplace skills.

What You Can Expect From Us

Knowledgeable computer lab instructors who know the installed computer programs that are on hand in each lab and can shape student needs with immediate advice and assistance. Students are shielded from computer problems, program errors and general confusing dialogs. Questions are answered promptly with a final solution and certificates given as lessons are completed. Computer lab instructors are always on hand as the students are being introduced into the lab and while being initially set up on their programs.

Materials like student folders and reference materials are made available as needed. General office supplies, like tape and hole punches are always available, as is colored paper and labels. If we don’t have it, we can usually get it.

What We Expect from You

Leave the lab as you found it, clean, chairs returned to their places, trash thrown away and papers or equipment stored in the proper location. Students should obey the few rules regarding the internet use and downloading, as listed on the top label of the computers and in the end of this article.


Once you are registered as a student in any of the classes or programs you are immediately eligible to utilize all of the services the computer lab has to offer! That means that if you are not scheduled at a particular time you can also come in “on your own time” to work.

Special Accommodations

Assistive Technology Software Suites and Kurzweil Software are available through Disability Services to enhance the capability and ease of use, as well other features of Universal Design for accessibility and located in non-congested areas.

Resources and Equipment

Each lab is accessible by ramp or easy access pathways. Restrooms are also accessible on the same floor levels.

The computers were recently upgraded in all of the labs, with good amounts of memory and storage space. Headphones are provided with microphones, and wrist pads are available for each station.

Each computer is upgraded with the latest Operating Systems and Office Suites on a regular basis. Each computer is programmed with a variety of current-version software that includes:

  • GED and Pre-GED
  • ESL (English as a Second Language)
  • Keyboarding and 10 Key
  • Office programs (Word processing, Spreadsheets, Presentation, Databases)
  • Internet
  • WOIS and Job Resources

Other supportive software includes Media players, DVD playback and High Speed internet connections.

The printers are black and white LaserJet printers which produce very nice quality print. Color printing is limited to instructor specific projects. The scanner at the instructor table.

Visual aids are available for the lab use, including ELMO, overhead projection, video stands, projectors and in some locations, Smart Boards.

ESL students can research assignments, use the EASY ESL or ESL software, or utilize our lab website for ESL and print projects.


Each lab is laid out differently. Generally the labs utilize the overhead projection stations, so computer tables are laid out horizontally to the room with the computers facing forward.

The Adult Education Center at the Monroe location has two labs, upper and lower. The upper lab is laid out so all of the computer stations are facing the wall, with large tables in the entire center area. This gives the upper computer lab multi-functionality, serving as a classroom for several different classes throughout each day. The upper lab is used for whole classes and is generally reserved or scheduled. The schedule is on the doors of the labs.

The lower lab is used for individuals working on their computer classes.


Basic Keyboarding (Certificate for 30+ at 95% accuracy)

  • Advanced Keyboarding (Certificate for 50+ at 95% accuracy)
  • Basic 10 Key (Certificate for 150 + at 95% accuracy)
  • Windows and Computer Basics (Certificate in Office Computing Basics)
  • Word Processing Basics (Certificate in Word Processing Basics)
  • Spreadsheet Basics (Certificate in Spreadsheet Basics)
  • Presentation Basics (Certificate in Presentation Basics)
  • Database Basics (Certificate in Database Basics
  • Internet Basics (Certificate in Internet Basics)

Other activities include setting up/checking email, job searches and resume building, WOIS, Financial Aid and research / printing / scanning.

Other Course Offerings

  • College Prep
  • I-BEST training
  • WOIS Career Information System


Community Colleges of Spokane has set guidelines and rules governing student behavior and expectations. More specific guidelines called “Acceptable Use for CCS Computers” were published by the IT department covering logons, rights, privacy and monitoring, and general activities.

These rules have been printed and laminated copies are available at the sign-in station. Tags are on the sides of the monitors as quick reminders.


Monday through Thursday

8:30 a.m.-2:30 p.m.: Day instructor

2:30-4:30 p.m.: CLOSED

4:30-8:30 p.m.: Evening instructor

This is a generalized schedule and changes every quarter, so please check the class schedule in each area.

Outlying site schedules are posted at the site.

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CCS Computer Use Policy

Office Skills Essentials
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