Extended Learning


Lab Rules and Guidelines

Specific activity guidelines are posted on each computer station and each student has a signature item regarding “Use of the Internet”.

Music has been allowed under certain guidelines: meaning internet music and CD music must be pre-approved.

Excluded activities are specifically: No blogging, surfing auction sites, buying or selling, filling forms with personal information (except approved sites), downloading of helpers, toolbars or smilies, weather or time aids, or screensaver software, or chat rooms. Specific areas in "My Space" or "FaceBook" must be approved by the computer lab instructor.

No internet exploration or "research" of contraband including weapons, sex sites, marriage/dating service sites, hacking sites or other “non school related” sites.

Games are limited to ESL (English as a Second Language) word type games, typing and math games etc.. On-line gaming / gambling is not allowed.

FTP uploads, File sharing or Executable downloads are not allowed.

Lab Guidelines
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