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Transition from public assistance to a fulfilling career!

Support is available through assistance from WorkFirst, BFET, and Worker Retraining for individuals to build self-confidence, increase skills, and make the transition from public assistance to further education, productive employment, and self-sufficiency.
Workforce programs offer adult basic education in communication, goal setting, decision making, college readiness, job market information, and job search techniques. The program also includes high school equivalency preparation, basic English and math education, and an introduction to keyboarding and Microsoft Office programs.

Tuition is $25/quarter (financial assistance is available).

General information 509-279-6203
Adult Education Center, 2310 N. Monroe St. 509-533-4639
SCC Student Services Bldg. 15
Valley Center, 11530 E. Sprague Ave. 509-533-4631
Colville Center, 985 S. Elm St, Colville 509-279-6785